Vintage Minifigure Collection Vol.2

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Set Name: Vintage Minifigure Collection Vol. 2

Set Number: 852535

Pieces: 22

Minifigs: 5

Price: EUR €14.99, GBP £11.75, USD $17.99 (SEK 149.50)

Year if release: 2009


That's the usual info - now I pass the word on to Mr. Horn, the mail man of LEGO City:


Hello everybody! My name is Mr. Horn but you can call me Ed. I'm a retired mail man from LEGO City and I'm here today to introduce some of my friends... as soon as we all have climbed out of this tight fitting box.


Come on, Captain Dusk! It's not that high!

I don't know... Will you catch me?

Sure, come hear you big boy! Uncle Ancors strong arms will take care of you.



Mmm, do you like to be on top?


Come on guys, get up already so I can introduce us. You can cuddle later.


So, now we can start. We are the Vintage Minifigures Volume 2. I've heard rumours about some Vol. 1 minifigs but I've never seen anyone myself. It's most likely just a myth, like the Loch Ness monster, Big Foot and fair S@H PaB prices.

I've heard of a guy who saw that.

Fair S@H PaB prices? Really?

No stupid, Big Foot of course!

He he, you know what they say about big feet and big... By the way, what is your shoe size, Cpt. Dusk?

Eehh... shall we get along with the introduction perhaps?

Oh, right!


Here we have Lieutenant Snow, a long time astronaut with great experiences from outer space. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his flowers. How are you today Lt Snow?

Thank you, Ed, I'm very well today. I felt really comfortable in the box when we were travelling, and the trip went much faster then I expected.

I suppose you are used to these kind of travels from your job? I was not equally pleased with the trip, it was no room for moving.

I liked it. It was dark and tight and sweaty...just like you Cpt. Dusk.

Excuse me?!


I was just referring to your outfit, latex isn't it? Must be really hot in there...

Look, NASA picked those uniforms not I. Would you stop breathing in my neck, please?

You should get one of these jump suits in Lycra instead. They are really cool!


Lets continue with the presentation. Next we have Captain Dusk, another Space veteran with expert knowledge in Black holes.

Hey, I know a lot about that too!

You do? Are you into astronomy?

No, but I've been into many holes, some black too...

Eh, right... So, Cpt Dusk, what do you think about the trip?

It was ok, I've been on worse. Like that time I was going to the Ice Planet, I had to drink only hot cocoa for a year after that.


I think I was on that trip too, but I don't remember anything from it.

That is because you got deep frozen by those Ice Planet dudes. We defrosted you when we got back to the Space Station.

Oh, I see. You didn't bring any souvenirs, did you?

Just some Ice Cube Trays, and just blue ones. "but everyone knows ice cubes made from the original yellow tray taste better"


Well, that's just CRAZY! Why would ice cubes from the yellow tray taste better?

It's really simple but of course you can have trouble understand that. After all you are only a mail man.

Hey! Delivering mail is a really important job!

Sure it is. I bet you go to a special school for 10 years just like we astronauts do.

Well, no but...

Then shut up, we highly educated people can speak for you.

Don't you want me to continue with the presentation?

Yes, do that. It's a task suitable for your IQ of 74...

That's not my IQ, that is Ra...

Just do the presentation


OK, next up is Mr. Ancor. I believe you have been in the Pirate buisness, can you share us some stories, matey?

Arrgh, surely lads! But I need to cut this pirate talking, it's not good for my vocal cords.

It's OK. Did you do much pillaging when you were a pirate, Mr. Ancor?

Oh yes! We had a big rise in number of villages that were sacked and burnt in October and November last year. That sure was fun!

But now you have retired. I guess the age was taking out it's right at last.

What? I'm not that old! And my physique is at the best, I'll show you!

Well, it isn't necessary...


Look, can you do this? I bet you can't!

Wow, you really are in good shape!

Of course, I work out 2 times a day. Come here and feel my six pack.

That is ok. Do you mind getting up now?


OK, but I want your hat.

My hat? Why?

I can't do these kind of shows for free, can I?

Well, maybe not but why my hat?

I like it, and you said I was old. Now give me it!


OK, here you go. Take good care of it, it's been like an old friend for me.

Sure, I will only wear it when I'm on parties, swimming with sharks and fighting Imperials.

Ed, your hair is really weird. How do you get the hair so flat?

What is so weird with that? My barber said it is the standard look for all men.

Well, in the 1970's perhaps. Welcome to the 21th century, man. We don't have to look all the same any more, there are a lot of different hairstyles to choose from.


Look, it fits perfect!

Yes, really nice.


Now drop your pants, Cpt. Dusk!

Say what?!

You have to pay for the show too. Give me your pants!

You know, I never distrusted you about being in shape. Why should I pay?

OK, OK, but I really want your pants. Maybe we can trade?

I can't I'm not a Civilian yet.

They have changed the rules now actually.

Oh, that's great...I think.

I have this MISB bandana to trade for your pants.

MISB? What does that mean?

Made In Some Basement. My own actually.

Well OK then. But you better put me up on the straightshooter list for this.


OK, I'll go round the corner and change. No peeking, please!

Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on Mr. Ancor.


How is it going back there?

Hold on, I'm working on it!

I can give you a hand if you like...

No, stay where you are!


Sigh, I look like a dork in this outfit.

No I think your eyes...or something.

You look dashing, now give me the pants.


Hey, are you not going behind the corner?

No way, I'm not as prudish as Cpt. Dusk.

Well, I guess we just look the other way then.

Hey, where is Lt. Snow?

Probably taking a break from all this CRAZINESS, good thinking.


Take a look at this, gentlemen!

Holy crap! You are by sure the most gay minifigure in history!

At last, I have reached one of my two goals!

What is the other?

It's funny that you ask, Cpt. Dusk because it involves you...and an eggplant and a Batman suit.


I don't think I want to hear more about that. Hey, can I take your pants? This bandana isn't very comfortable to wear as a skirt.

Sure, I'm happy with these new latex pants.

OK, be right back.


Look, I've done some thinking.

Take it easy, buddy. Don't stress yourself.

Shut up! Listen to this. There are 5 spaces in the box for us minifigs.

Yeah, I know. We've spend the latest 5 days in them.

But there is only 4 of us here!

4? You and me are only 2.

No, I meant all of us. Cpt. Dusk and Lt. Snow too.

Dusk and Snow only makes 2 too. What is your point?

Argh! I mean that there is 1 minifig missing!

I don't know what you mean, your math doesn't make any sense. Are you sure you haven't tasted the strawberry ice cream? I've heard it can lead to numerical blindness.


Don't you at least find it strange that Lt. Snow is gone?

No, he probably just went to take a leak. We've been in that box for 5 days you know.

Well, true. But shouldn't he be back by know.

You know Lt. Snow, he probably saw some obscure flower that he needed to have a chat with.

Good point, there has been a lot of flowers and spring feeling in the air lately.


But I feel we should check him out anyway. There might have been an accident.

Yeah, all those SW vehicles that are swooshing around are really dangerous. I think I stay here.


Lt. Snow! What has happend to you! You look like someone dropped a minifig scale HMS Victory on you! Or maybe a VOC ship Prins Willim!


Aaaahhh, the Fifth minifig! It is true!


Well, I guess this is the end. Remember kids, never share a box with a ninja if you have gases. What goes around, comes around!

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Hilarious yet strangely terrifying! Thanks for showing us the innards of this minifig collection, as well as of your own deeply twisted mind :sadnew::tongue:

I don't mind Pinky McPinkerton the Pink-Vested Pirate, aka Uncle Anchor, but the two wrongly positioned Classic Space torso symbols are a deal-breaker for me. Which is a shame, as I really want to support these vintage collections, they just haven't incluyded anything to really appeal to me so far.

Siegfried will probably beat me, but it *is* true - icecubes from the yellow tray taste better :laugh:

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HAHAHA!!! :laugh: very funny :thumbup: i liked that all the figs had personalities and the ninja :thumbup: i dont like the price though, $20 for 5 figs, c'mon thats $4 each.

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HAHAHA!!! :laugh: very funny :thumbup: i liked that all the figs had personalities and the ninja :thumbup: i dont like the price though, $20 for 5 figs, c'mon thats $4 each.

Actually, it's $17 (or $18) for the minifigs.

Thanks for the review, though it was a bit weird... :tongue:

Edited by ILikePi

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This volume is out! :cry_happy:

This set is way much better than the earlier one, especially when there is a red ninja in it. I will need a few more for my ninja army. While the rest of the minifigs, I don't own any of it. I am pleased to see their return as well.

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Great review. The best part was the bit with the mop and bucket. :laugh:

I don't mind Pinky McPinkerton the Pink-Vested Pirate, aka Uncle Anchor, but the two wrongly positioned Classic Space torso symbols are a deal-breaker for me.

Yeah, you would expect them to have at least gotten the torso printing right, given the prices of these sets. :sceptic: I would have bought this if the space torsos looked authentic.

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Haha good story, but I have to say I'm a bit horrified about that other goal involving the batman suit and the eggplant O_o

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lol what a funny review^^ I loved to read it , great job! :thumbup:

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A great review Etzel. I really found your little comical review funny, the blood looked really well done too. Great work :thumbup: .

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What a hilarious review! :laugh:

The ninja was awfully cute, going around on his own business like that. :wub:

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I loved the ninja, and the blood effects, especially the dragging ones, were very well done. VEry very well done, actually. I loved the blood effects, to be perfectly honest. You should try something with them sometime.

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Thank you everyone for your comment :sweet:

The jokes might be a little of date but I hope you got most of them.

I had very fun making this review so I guess I'll have to try something similar when vol. 3 is out. :wink:

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