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Review: 7737 Coast Guard 4WD & Jet Scooter

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Hello again and welcome back to yet another City review by VBBN! Today I shall be reviewing set 7737, 4WD & Jet Scooter. Is this the best set that you can get in the City theme for $10? Read on to find out!

Set name: Coast Guard 4WD & Jet Scooter

Number: 7737

Theme: City-Coast Guard

Pieces: 130

Price: $9.99, €12.99, Unknown GBP.

S@H link, Peeron Entry, Instructions(PDF File)


Part 1/Box

Front of Box:


Now as we have come to expect with City sets, the box is clean, smooth, and very pleasing to the eye. For a $10/€13 set, the box is a little small. Actually, it's perfectly szed. Their are quite a few parts, which takes up more room in the box. Other notes about this part of the box are that it has the American information. Europeans, Australians, and possibly other countries might now recieve this informaion on their box. A Choking Hazard has also been added.

Back of Box:


The back of the box shows three seperate images of the set, mainly the functions of the set. I am still trying to identify the building in the skyline in the backround.

Part 2/New and/or interesting parts:



Wow. Firstly, the gray piece to me is new. I'm not sure if it is old or new, but either way, I want more of them. I need more of them. And those wheels are superb. They run VERY smoothly.

Part 3/Build



Apart from the yellowed picture, this guy is pretty nice. I am a little upset that he uses the yellow and blue color scheme. Personaly I would have liked to see the white, red, and reflective neon orange of the US coast guard. The "badge" with a float ring on it is a nice touch.



This is by far the highlight of the set. EVERYTHING works well on this truck, which I believe is a Ford Explorer. The one and only downside is the rims. Will lego ever produce a bigger size of rims? I don't mean the huge ones from speed racer, I mean ones that will go around the wheels completely like these rims. The wheels are too big for the rims, and therefore make it look lik the truck has gotten a shock steroid.



The back of the truck has a small "shelf," which can be useful. The runnerboards are an example of the detail that Lego put in this set.

Top View:


Nothing much to see on the inside. Just a steering wheel.



The trailer was surprising to me, as I didn't know that the gear rack would be added on. I just love the orange flippers!



The plate is a sticker. Oh yes, almost forgot, their was a small ss in the set, but the stickers ween't to bad and they look fine.

Jet Scooter:


At this point it feels like the set will never end! And what a cute little boat this is. Nice use of the Bionicle minifig arm.



The motor is yet another attention to detail.

Part 4/Finished Product:

Front and Back:



Ah, so finally we finish! And look at it! All for $10! A very good buy if you ask me. And so much gear! :sweet:



Figs: 7/10 (I think I have explained my thoughts pretty thoroughly ;) )

Price: 10/10 (Very reasonable price)

Price-Per-Part ratio: 8/10 ( I always find it hard to get a 10 in this category.)

Final Verdict: 25/30- 83%

If you find this set in a store, buy it. You won't be dissapointed. To sum it up, you are getting a great value for your money. I have voted this set outstanding. What are your thoughts?

Stay tuned! Coming next time, Police Mobile Command Center.


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Nice review. It does seem like a very good set for the money! I rated it a 4, just because it only included one minifig and the fact that no set is perfect :sceptic:

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I bought this for my 8 year old daughter last weekend, it is a truly great set. Very well designed, and a fun build, this was her first system set that she built by herself (I only helped her with maybe 4 or 5 pieces.) and I was quite proud of her.

Thanks for the excellent review.

Edited by Omega 8

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what was that "interesting" gray piece used for? i have never seen it before but am now very interested in it.

Edited by Runninglizard55

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Thanks everyone!

Runninglizard: The gray piece was used to attach the front and back of the explorer(the lisencse plate/headlights, tailights, etc.) It has small curves in it to prevent it from stopping the wheels from moving. I'll get you a pic next time I am downstairs with my camera. :sweet:

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I got a set of this too. It doesn't looks as good as I imagine :tongue: .

The gray piece is not new, most CITY car have it for the headlight and taillight.

But anyway, it's quite special as it carry a water scooter at the back. How I wish the water scooter handle can be adjust, I'm so scared that i break it.

A good review and thanks for sharing. :classic:

Edited by baby

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I own this set, and I think it's very good.

The Coast Guard colour scheme looks great. and the set has lots of accessories, just as it should.

The only down points are: no car doors (but I fear we have to forget them), and the pick up looks a lot like its Fire counterpart (7942).

So I'll give it a 4/5.

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Great review!

I picked this set up last week. Great deal for 10 bucks. I may pick up a few more just to have the chassis, mudgauards etc to build other vehicles with. I did however swap the side plates "with door rail" for these:


It gives the truck a more "off road" look to it.

I also stuck one behind the front license plate to give the vehicle a brush guard.

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I voted outstanding as there are a few things I really like about this set:

Nice tires

Great trailer and scooter

Detailed torso

Good design and color layout

Only things I'm disappointed about are the wheel wells and lack of doors (of which is to be expected nowadays).

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Only things I'm disappointed about are the wheel wells and lack of doors (of which is to be expected nowadays).

I know how you feel. I think that the fenders/wheel wells just look stupid on the cars. The doors don't bother me all that much but it would be nice to see them again.

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