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Review: 852271- Knights Battle Pack

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Set Name: Knights Battle Pack

Theme: Castle

Set Number: 852271

Price: $12.99

Price: £6.49

Piece Count: 35

Minfigure Count: 5

Year of Release: 2007

I recently stopped by a LEGO store when I realised I was on a low budget- my wallet was practically empty. I ended up buying a large container of Pick A Brick and the Knights Battle Pack. I realize that this has been reviewed many times before, but I felt inclined to impose my opinion upon you. :tongue:

The Box


The front of the box- I'll address the bottom left minfigure later.


The back of the box- look closely and you'll notice that this is reffered to as the "Hero Knights Battle P". :tongue:

The Minfigures


The box is opened to reveal exactly what you saw when it was closed!

When you pull the flimsy holding out, the backround is probably going to come out with it. No worries, for that part isn't vital to the set.


The cast is pictured above. It's all you get in the set.



We begin with this wise swordsman.

I'm sorry to say that I can't find this guy's shield- one of the longer, oval ones that is present on the jouster. I must have dropped it in my car, but since my wife is using it, I'll just have to wait. It would have been generous of Lego to provide the happy-scared face featured in the Vikings line, but alas, I was given a plain one. :sad:



Then comes the classic scared-face archer.

The archer is equipped with a quiver and a crossbow, which is a shame, as I'd of liked to have another bow. However, he does come with the regular confident-freaked out, "Sir Nadroj" face that is so humorous.



After the archer comes the jouster, who, by the position of his jousting pole, obviously enjoys poking his fellows in the ribs.

The jouster has a drunken face and the shield that the swordsman should have. Like his sword wielding friend, the jouster has no significant torso under his armour.



This young spearman is the next to be showcased, and has, IMO, the best torso of the group.

This little guy, which looks like a kid, is my favorite because of his great torso. It just has chain mail and a raised belt which looks very nice.



Bringing up the rear is a bearded fellow with a strange lance-like weaon.

I'd hoped that this face would have an angry back, but like the swordsman, he is plain. I am bewildered by the weapon he holds, but it's cool enough.


Though his weapon is strange, the bearded fellow finds his lance perfect for spanking.

The Rating

Price: 4/5- for such a high price, it might be more worthwhile to get an actual set

Mnfigures: 5/5- what else was the set about? :laugh:

Design: None

Overall: 4/5- a great army builder which is the entire point of the set

In conclusion, I would definately reccomend this set to anyone who whishes to evolve their crown army. :classic:

Links of interest:

Brickshelf Gallery- when public

Brickset Reference

Peeron: Couldn't locate

LEGO Shop @ Home

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Well, we can always use more reviews, even from smaller sets like this one.

I think you have done a good job on it, and I share (about) your opinion about the set: a good one, also for armybuilding, but a bit too expensive for what you get.

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Thanks for the review. :thumbup:

I'm glad that TLC decided to give us battlepacks for the new kits - it's another great part of classic castle that has finally come back. :classic:

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Good review :thumbup:

If the battlepack had instead of one of the knights one soldier extra, it would've been much more interessting to me, because this is a 3/2 ratio: for every 3 soldiers there are 2 knights. That doesnt really make sense to me :tongue:

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Your "strange little spear weapon" that the guy on the bottom has is called a halberd. :wink:

Nice review; it was indeed nice of TLG to give us battle packs, but they should of had an animal or two. :sceptic:

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Your "strange little spear weapon" that the guy on the bottom has is called a halberd. :wink:

It's actually not a halberd, but a pike (not the fish :tongue: ). This is a halberd.

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