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Divers Shark Attack

Set #: 6599

Year Released: 1997

Piece Count: 55

Minifigs: 2

List Price: $10

In 1997, Lego introduced a new aquatic theme called DIVERS. The theme included simple but nice brick-built ships, shark cages, underwater reefs, submarines, and sharks.

I picked up a few of these sets back in the late 90s including this bonus pack (my first Divers set review) known as SHARK ATTACK.

Here's a picture of the box that looked pretty slick with the submarine and sharks:


Side view:


Back of box:


Here's the instructions:


And the back of the instructions:


The set includes a decal sheet with some stickers for the submarine:


The set includes two figs; one submarine crewman, and one diver:


Also included are some accessories: speargun, flippers, and an oxygen tank:


The sub is a one-man mini-sub but nicely detailed and great for lowering down off a small ship:


Details included a large white camera piece:


Here's the sub with a fig inside:


And the tail end:


Three sharks are included within this set; a sawtooth, great white, and regular grey shark:


The complete Shark Attack set:


Divers was a great theme, and I regret not buying a few more sets when available in the late 90s.

Hope you enjoy this review. I've got a few more Diver reviews coming soon...

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I remember I got one of these diver sets. It was a little impulse thing. Nice review but I can't believe such a small set came with 3 sharks. Isn't one of them a saw fish?

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I remember getting this set even though I was not big into City and it's subthemes. For some reason this one just jumped out at me and I had to have it. It was a nice little set. The three sharks and two minifigs were quite a deal with a set this size.

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Thanks for this review, this is one theme i really would like to own all sets of it, but actually i have exactly none of it. :cry_sad: I always liked diver-themed stuff in Lego since i was a child, maybe because my grandpa was a professional diver back in the days and i was shown many underwater photos when i was little. Would be great if TLG would come up with something like that again :thumbup:

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Thanks for the review! Glad to hear you will be doing more divers reviews.

Divers was a great theme. Somehow it just seemed to stand out amongst the other water themes like aqua sharks, aquanauts, and aqua raiders.

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Looking at your review again and again, you have amazed me once more, with the Divers theme. The Divers theme is fantastic with these great aquatic creatures. In this set, there are 3 different breeds of sharks, and it's defintely deserved this set name "Shark Attack".

With these sharks, it is great addition for Aqua Raiders, Divers, Beach, and even Pirates. For a small set which include 3 aquatic creatures, it comes with 2 minifigs and a mini submarine. What more could you ask for? The mini submarine is well designed, especially taking its air tight cockpit design consideration and its tail ends. This is a lovely design with great appeal for any divers collectors.

Overall, a great set with an affordable price. Well done Brickster! I have to give this a "5". :thumbup:

By the way, did you left out the set number on purpose? :tongue:

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Great review Brickster!

This is a really nice small set. It's great that for such a low price it includes 3 different sharks and 2 figs.

The little underwater craft is simple but looks very nice as well. It uses that bubble windscreen really nicely.

I have to give this a 5. :thumbup:

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I still have most of my Divers sets from 1997 including a few which were only obtainable through LS@H. I got them while I was on vacation with my dad in Maine.

*6441 - Deep Reef Refuge

*6442 - Stingray Explorer

*6555 - Sea Hunter

*6556 - Scuba Squad

*6557 - Treasure Hunters

*6558 - Shark Cage Cove

*6559 - Deep Sea Bounty

Sets I don't have:

*1782 - Discovery Station

*2871 - Diver & Shark

*6560 - Diving Expedition Explorer

*6599 - Shark Attack

*Nice review! :thumbup: :thumbup: The mini-sub included in this set is similar to the others included in 6557 and 6559.

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Again a great review, TheBrickster! :thumbup:

I voted for Outstanding since this set is - well - outstanding.

I really :wub: the whole theme. Like Arctic it was a great theme with nice locations, perfectly designed vehicles, nice minifigs, a lot of accessory and no fantasy stuff. :thumbup: Regrettably I only own one very little set.


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This is a really nice review,good job brickster.I really cant believe they used to sell the sets so cheap. :classic: Now a set like that would twice or thrice its amount. :sadnew:

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I hope to start a review for 6559 Deep Sea Bounty someday, and if I can track down a copy of the 6557 Treasure Hunters instructions, I'll do a review of that set too, once I have enough money for a digital camera that can take better pictures.

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