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REVIEW: 6479 Emergency Response Center

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Allright, hi everybody again! Today, i'm gonna review the biggest set of the RES-Q Subtheme, 6479 Emergency Response Center. With this one i think, the reviews of all the RES-Q sets are complete now, and while i'm in a reviewing mode right now i thought i'd bring that up. This set hast got many nice aspects and also some very rare pieces, and comes with a wonderful amount of vehicles, including a speedboat, a tow truck, a helicopter, and a trike which can pull a little boat. So sit down, get your popcorn and beer, we're off to stormy weather at the coast! :tongue:

Sub-Theme: RES-Q

Set Nr.: 6479

Name: Emergency Response Center

Number of minifigs: 5

Number of pieces: 420

Release Year: 1998

Unfortunately i don't have many of the boxes of my res-q sets anymore, so i'll start right off with the instructions this time:


On the backside there is no alternate model as usual this time, but only a different shot of the whole set:


Next, a general overview, sorry about the slightly bad picture quality on some pics this time:


Originally this set has 5 minfigs (which all are really nice!), but the guy who drives the tow truck has been lost in the flood :sceptic:


Here's a picture of the missing fig:


Let's move on to the vehicles, we have something for the water, the ground and the air in this set, first the great tow truck:


I love the mechanism with the hooks in the back:


Next on, da Speedboat!


At the rear, it's got a stretcher and a wench, which adds a lot of playability:


If there's a a little accident near the coast, the trike comes to appearance:


For more complicated stuff, we have a little helicopter (i broke the rotating piece at the top yesterday, ouch! :thumbdown: : )


No space for a victim you say? Well, not really, but the helicopter also got a wench with a hook in the back:


Now it comes to the station itself, at the docks a neat life belt sign is mounted (remember, at this time there weren't real ones as today):


A little more right an equipment holder is placed, with various tools on the front...


...and fire fighter equip at the back:


At the very front a little lighttower secures the shelter:


I haven't quite found out what this thing is supposed to be, maybe somebody knows :tongue:


Another equipment holder, this time with all the stuff you need for diving:


More equipment...


...and even MORE!


We come to the hear piece of the station, the control room with lots of buttons and scrrens:




Last but not least, a quick shot of all the accesoires and tools that you get, which really is an A-MA-ZING amount! :thumbup:


This set might have a few junioriced pieces, as the big window in the front or the "briedge" on the roof, but that doesn't matter, because there is nearly one other set in which you get so much rare pieces and such an overwhelming amount of accesoires, so i can recommend that for everybody who is a pieces-fanatic. :tongue: Not to forget the playability, the great figs and the, in my opinion very good color scheme.

Once again thanks for taking the time reading and looking at my review, i hope you liked it. :tongue:

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I own this set and it's one of my favourites, simply because of the cool colour scheme which you mention, plus all the vehicles and accessories. The Res-Q theme is one of my faves of all time actually, I own nearly all of them (missing a small set that was only available in the US or Japan, I think).

Dr. S.

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I have this set and it's pretty nice. I love the Res-Q theme in general. I think that tow truck is easily the highlight of this set and is probably the best such vehicle I've seen in any City set. The other vehicles are also great.

The base itself is lacking though, as it basically consists of one room that doesn't even have side walls. It does include a cool 3x6 computer sticker and a vast array of minifig tools and equipment though. I have some plans to modify the building and make it larger but have never gotten around to doing it.

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I just built this set in MLCad as a request for a fellow Eurobricks member. Somehow I missed out on this set completely when it came out. I was really suprised how long it took to build (virtually). Despite its size this set is packed with details, minifigs, vehicles and tools. Thanks for all the pictures!


GIF XML : 6479 Emergency Response Center

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There are very few late 90's or early 00's sets worth ever having and I wish I had this one. With it's futuristic look and yes, that tow truck too, oh yeah heaps of equipment ! :wub:

It's not over Junorised, there is still plenty of building in it. :grin:

Thanks and have A HAPPY NEW YEAR, 'Metalandi' ! :sweet::grin::laugh:

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