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REVIEW: 6444 Outback Airstrip

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Originally shared in the History & Adventure Forum for its adventure attributes, here's my favorite of the Outback collection:

First, let me say that this little set is one of my all-time favorites because it can be used to sumplement a number of different themes. 1) the set makes a great little adventure airstrip for Adventurers and more recent, the Indiana Jones theme (see also German Headquarters and Port Adventure). I've also used the set as an addition to my Wild West town. The tan baseplate and windmill works great, just subtract the plane, modern equipment, and figs. And lastly, as the set was intended, as an Outback/desert airstrip.

Set Description:

Outback Airstrip

Set # 6444

Pieces: 157

Minifigs: 3

Release Date: 1997

Original Price: $20 (USD)

Starting with the box:


And the backside. Notice the alternate models. I love the swamp boat:


The building is my favorite part of the set. It is simple, has a little detail, two great roof pieces, and a single green window (great piece!):


Check out the great windmill piece. It's my only one and makes a great part for Wild West and that farm you always wanted to build. I used it for the Barnhouse of Barnabas Higgens and Spring Valley Ranch


On the side of the building is a great radio and a clear glass:


Unfortunately, no furniture can be found within the building:


And now the airplane:


Front view; I love the twin propellors:


Side view:


And the rear section:


The back has a small cargo hold for some boxes/freight or some gear needed in the Outback:


The set includes three figs, two with cool shades:


And some great equipment. I love the boom box:


A shot of the whole set:


And another:


Summary: As I mentioned above, this set is very versatile and can suplement a few different themes. It's my personal favorite of the Outback collection and I'm really glad I was able to find the set in the late 90s (I almost didn't buy). Sets like this are timeless and so much fun to build and display.

Hope you enjoy the review.

EDIT: Additional reviews:

Review by AgentRick57 (December 24, 2007)

Outback Airstrip Review in History & Adventure Forum (February 10, 2008)

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Great Review! This set has cool features. I just wish that Lego would release this as a Lego Legend and release it to Australia too, since this is a set about Australia. I would've bought two if this were a Lego Legend. That is how good it is. I like the building with latticed window and windmill. I also like the cargo airplane, windsock, and radios. Plus it looks like it's got great minifigs.

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This is really an ideal small set. In spite of its size, it has nearly everything:

• Three minifigs

• A vehicle

• A building

• Numerous minifig accessories

• Numerous rare and useful parts

• Nice model design (especially for the time period)

Too bad Outback came out during my dark years.

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This is probably my all-time favorite LEGO set. It was originally given to me for my birthday by a close friend of mine back in the release year of 1997. The cargo plane was, by far, my favorite vehicle ever. Unfortunately, someone stole the plane from me when our families went on vacation and the rest of the set was given to my cousin's oldest son when I was no longer interested in my LEGO collection.

Now that I'm back into LEGO, I use that building's construction for various projects, especially as a Dr. Inferno look-out shack using parts from extra Mission 3: Swamp Raid. The shack compliments the original set greatly.

Edited by Skorpius47

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The Building is great and detailed, with a few mods it could be added to my Castle town. I don't really like the plane though, seems kind of abstract, not really good in my opinion, but I bet it would be easy to mod to look better.

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One of the best in my humble opinion. As far as I know it was never released in the UK so the only reason I managed to get my hands on it was on a family holiday to the US, I think they’d only recently opened the Lego store in Disney. Arguable the best feature is that it seems to fit into a wide selection of themes, is it a airstrip in the middle of nowhere, is it next to a only mining town that’s not deserted the possibilities are rather open and that’s truly great.

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This was a cool set I thoght of it as i was building The post plane.

Interesting thought. I have the post plane but I haven't opened it yet. I suppose it's the yellow. The plane in this set is much different than most of the other Classic Town airplanes in that it has the double tail section.

Here's a shot of the new 7732 Air Mail set - definately a nice set:


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I have had this on my Bricklink wanted list for ages, and yet noone with my criteria has it. Nice review and brilliant set.

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