[MOC] The last moments of the painter

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Von-Piano was an orchestra conductor and a composer. He just finished composing his new symphony, after 3 years of hard work. He got out of his house, for a while.

Mr Pano was a painter. He went into Von-Piano's house to paint it. He run out of newspapers, to cover the floor (for spills, obviously). Fortunately, there was plenty of paper around, to use.

Von-Piano returned home. From that day on, we is know by the name Vono-Piano (vono [pho-no] = murder, in Greek).

33634311592_e933c95a80.jpg2 by Spiros Geropoulos, on Flickr

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Cripes, I totally understand his rage. This one time there were painters who came to paint this building, and I guess they ran out of plastic sheet. So, what did they do? Instead of going to buy more plastic sheet, they took some fabric chairs I had outside, stripped the fabric off the frame and used that to cover the floor.

I mean, who the hell does that! All those paint fumes must have affected their brains lol

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Ha! Great idea! Funnily I just had a chat with a friend about classical music and how passionate it is. Now this really hits the nail on the head - real passion! :laugh: 

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