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MOC "The Archer" - "Admiral" Movie

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The Archer is a fictional ship loosely based on 17th century VOC. I got inspired after watching the Admiral movie and really got into Michiel de Ruyter's story. 

Still have some finishing details like anchors, rigging, etc.










Battling the Pirates 



Thanks for looking,


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I read "Archer" and thought of a very different character than de Ruyter, if I'm honest :-)

I like the build!  It looks very sturdy, and it appears to have good playability qualities.  I'm curious as to whether there are interiors or not.  There appear to be a few "seams" which suggest that the top decks can be removed.  I also like how you built the stern without using a stern hull piece.  I've seen several people attempt this, but not all have made it work all that well.  You've done a good job with it here, though, and it's definitely something to be proud. of.  I also really like the angled railing on the aft deck, and I'm curious as to how you keep it in place.  Your crew seems to be interesting and unique as well!

As for "constructive" criticisms, I wonder if the window on the aft section shouldn't be further back, or whether or not there should be more windows.  It seems either unbalanced, or not enough- which leads me to my second point.  It's a bit bereft of color, I think adding a little to the hull would really make her pop, and might make the lone window look a little more balanced.  Perhaps adding some kind of figures or designs to the aft castle would look good as well.  Lastly, adding a couple of carronades and/or swivel guns on the deck (two or so per side, not a whole lot) might spruce up the build a tad.

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On 6/19/2017 at 1:37 PM, Cousarmy0001 said:

On additional inspection, I really like the railings you have on the stairs as well.

Cousarmy0001, Thanks yeah I found a good source for reddish brown and went overboard with it. I still like it even though she is quite plain. Yeah the widows were tried in multiple configurations both double and single arched and ended with liking this version best. Thanks again for your replies, some great input 👍

On 6/19/2017 at 6:51 PM, Bodi said:

Nice ship, Ltfalcon, filled with tons of details, and the overall shape is excellent.

Bodi, Thanks for great reply!

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