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Happy Halloween Entries !

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Not the most Pumpkin-like car ever built ......... 8-|:




I�m driving but where�s my hat?


Ah, there it was!

More Mocs On


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OK, here is my daughters entry. It kept her busy for a while


I will try & get a better picture when its daytime as my webcam isn't that good in low light

OK, here is a better picture:



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Heres my entry: The Pumpkin Car (What else could I call it? )

It is made almost entirely (excluding the wheels and decorations) from the AquaRaiders set Crab Crusher.

It also features the appearance of my more serious sigfig, the one that isn't Batman.


I wanted to make the wheels a bit more interesting so I put spikes on them!


Look at that jaw! You can't see it very well, but it has flames in its eyes.


Just the other side.


The back, was hard to do using that peice.


Boot actually opens! (or trunk as you people call it)


Snakes inside surprise!


Last shot. I am on the far left, with my trusty iron bar (not for whackng, unless you want pickled brains), the other guy is the driver, using iamded's head as a toffee apple!

Be aware, my sigfig is no Dr.S, you won't get the shark pit or crocodile farm, just a mess that used to be you in the driveway!

Hope you liked it!

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